Delta Upsilon  now stands as the oldest and largest non-secret fraternity, and have grown into an organization that focuses on providing our men with a unique college experience. There are 78,000 DU alumni spread across the country, in thousands of career fields.  This alumni network will provide numerous opportunities for you to become career-ready through internships and prospective jobs.

Building Better Men

Since Delta Upsilons founding in 1834 it has committed itself to building better men. The difference between us and the “others” is we have no secrets. No secret rituals, no secret oaths, and was founded on no hazing from the beginning. Unlike the “others” we hold ourselves accountable not only to ourselves, but to the public through transparency. We are committed through building better men through our four founding principles:

  • The Promotion of Friendship
  • The Development of Character
  • The Diffusion of Liberal Culture
  • The Advancement of Justice
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Delta Upsilon International Fraternity
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Chapter Excellence Plan (CEP)
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Bradley University
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Mission Statement: Dikaia Upotheke or Δικαια Υποθηκη meaning Justice, Our Foundation.